The high school theater classes offer a creative, academic outlet in a collaborative learning environment.

DID YOU KNOW there are 13 different Theatre Arts classes you can take at Robinson Secondary School?  AND that we are premiering a brand new class- Musical Theatre Intensive?  To learn more about each of our classes, please check out the videos below for a brief overview.

Are you having trouble figuring out how Theatre Arts could fit into your class schedule with all the demands of the Advanced or IB Diploma?  Or maybe you don't know what classes to take for your specific  goals outside of high school? Check out the guide by clicking on the button to the left to see all of the different paths you could take as a Theatre student at Robinson and beyond! 
 Cameron Whitman Photography

Cameron Whitman Photography

Ms. Thrift

Ms. Thrift teaches all of the high school theatre courses, and will act as the Artistic Director of Rambunctious Theatre Company-  Robinson's resident student theatre company.

Ms. Thrift vehemently believes that theatre is for everyone- and that that's what makes the art form unique.  It's the art of storytelling, or the art of collaboration, but it's rarely mentioned that there is something distinctly, exclusively you that makes this form of human expression more human.  She hopes that you will take the leap and find yourself in the theater this year- as an audience member, as part of a production, or as a student.

Please click on the link below to learn a little more about the High School Theatre Arts classes that are offered at Robinson Secondary School.

Feel free to email Ms. Thrift at with questions.