4:30 pm Performers

Rashi- Laura Armendaris

Dr. Paul Marchand- Zeke Buckholz

Anne Royce McClain- Taegan Pratt

Pamela Harrison- Maddy Ross

Lauren McClain- Julia Cottrell

Sheila McClain- Victoria Williams

Mark Harrison- Kieran O’Dell

Stage Manager: Christopher Lin

ASMs: Imani Njau, Jenny Staron, Kirsten Taylor Carrie Walker, 

A Talent For Murder

           A Talent for Murder a suspense drama about an internationally successful mystery novelist whose relatives wouldn't mind killing her to get their hands on her art collection. Other characters include a live in doctor who was once the novelist's lover and a savvy Indian butler who uses words like "chutzpa." The badinage between the novelist and the butler and between the novelist and the doctor provides comic delight and relief from the mayhem being planned by the family.

"One of the most delightful Broadway entries ever.... Winner of an Edgar Award [and] ... good theater [with] ... lively repartee." - Multi Channel

"Stylish entertaining fun." - People Weekly

*It's a Dinner Theater which means a 3 course prix fixe menu! This show is located in DAVALA HALL!*

7:00 pm Performers

Rashi- Abel Haddish

Dr. Paul Marchand- Zach Wilson

Anne Royce McClain- Ivy Mitchell

Pamela Harrison- Izzy Guzano

Lawrence McClain- Jack Hanton

Sheila McClain- Jordan James

Mark Harrison- Kevin Ellis

Stage Manager: Valeria Ortiz

ASMs: Riley Blackburn, Lizzy Lawrence, Ioana Limberea